Miller Roofing | Storm Damage
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Storm Damage


How to Spot Roof Damage

Roof damage isn’t always easy to spot, but there may be some clear indications that your system has been damaged by wind, hail and/or impact from fallen trees and other debris. While it is not advisable to climb up onto your roof, you can grab a pair of binoculars and inspect the roof from the ground. Here are some signs that your roof needs immediate attention.

● Do you see water in your attic? Stains on the ceiling or walls could also indicate that there’s a leak.

● Are there shingles or metal on the ground around your home? If so, you need to immediately call for emergency roof repair services. If not addressed, missing roof components could lead to serious water damage.

● Are there tree branches on your roof? Impact from the branches may have caused punctures in the roof surface.

● Do some portions of your shingles look darker than the rest, or are they soft to the touch? These could be indications of damage from hailstones.

If you need emergency roof repair services, contact Miller Roofing Company today. We offer free estimates on our services and can tarp over damaged areas until it’s safe to begin work on repairing or replacing your roof.

Unsure if you have storm damage? We offer FREE “no obligation” professional insurance inspections. Our insurance inspectors are factory trained & trusted by your local insurance reps. Don’t put your home in the hands of a “door to door roofer” or to a jack of all trades. Put Miller Roofing Company’s experience to work for you

Contact us now for a free quote on your project